Fully Automated Airbrush Spray Tanning

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Experience the Convenience of No Appointments,
Quick Sessions and Complete Privacy!

Experience the Convenience of No Appointments, Quick Sessions and Complete Privacy!

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Prior to Sunless Session:
  • 1 Shave or Wax 12 to 18 hours prior to our spray tan session. Hairs block the solution. Allow time for pores to close for a smoother overall appearance. Also, the extra time allows the skin to return to its normal pH level prior to the session.
  • 2 Exfoliate: For a more even, richer tan, and to remove dead skin cells.
  • 3 Have clean skin: Make sure skin is free of perfume, makeup, deodorant, lotion, moisturizer, oil, bronzers, etc. so the Sunless product is not hindered by barriers and can be the most effective. Clean skin reduces the risk of streaking.
  • 4 Apply nail polish to fingernails and toenails: Polish helps block solution and prevents yellowing nails.
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Tips for a Better Sunless Tan!

After Sunless Session:
  • 1 Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing: Dark clothes minimize potential stains from DHA solution. A loose fit reduces clothes rubbing away a fresh tan.
  • 2 Keep skin dry for 4 hours: Allow the DHA to develop. Wait 4 hours before showering, and avoid sweating, entering any water, or applying makeup.
  • 3 Cool or warm showers and blot dry: Avoid hot showers and vigorous towel drying.
  • 4 Hydrate before and after: Hydrated skin simply looks better. Flaky skin sheds and reduces the life of any tan. Hydrate daily for healthy-looking skin.
  • 5 Avoid pool chemicals and saltwater: Chlorine, bromine, and saltwater reduce the effectiveness and may cause premature fading.
  • 6 Avoid over shaving or scrubs: Protect against exfoliation.
  • 7 Moisturize daily with oil-free products: Only use products and body washes that complement sunless tans. Products with mineral oil and sodium laureth sulfate can significantly reduce the life of a sunless tan.
  • 8 You can expect to see your color last between 5-7 days.
Maintaining Your Sunless Tan:

To maintain your sunless tan, we suggest a session once every 5-7 days. Please follow the after sunless session tips for best results.

Special Events and Weddings

Since sunless tanning reacts differently on each person’s skin, we recommend 2 sunless trial sessions before any big event. Learn how to properly apply barrier cream, become familiar with the sunless misting poses, and learn how to blot dry and maintain your tan for more even results. Let our service provider know about the event and any skin tone desires. After a trial sunless session, inspect skin daily in sunlight and various low light situations to determine which day works best to determine when to have a sunless session prior to the event. Most like to have their sunless session two days before their event and shower 3 times to balance out the color. Follow our other tanning tips for best results.