The Benefits of Indoor Tanning

Time - You can maintain a deep, dark tan year round in a fraction of the time it would take to tan outdoors.

Convenience - Tan whenever you choose.  In good weather or bad, day or night, in a clean, safe environment.

Controlled Exposure - Today's tanning equipment is designed to give you measured amounts of Ultraviolet light. When tanning outdoors, Ultraviolet light levels fluctuate depending on many variables including; location, time of day, season, closeness to the equator and weather condition.

Outdoor tanning = Uncertain exposure

The Benefits Of Indoor Tanning Lotion

It's proven that your skin will not only tan better when using an indoor tanning lotion, but hold your tan longer. Whether you're a beginning or advanced tanner, we carry a complete line of skin care products so you can achieve your tanning results while providing exceptional care for your skin. We carry the number one sun care and tanning lines sold in the finest salons worldwide, these products maximize tanning results while helping to prevent, skin dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles.

Tanning Tips

Clean your skin completely before tanning. Some ingredients in makeup and perfume can make skin   more susceptible to sunburn.

Use an indoor tanning lotion. These lotions are specifically designed to accelerate your tan and contain ingredients that supply the skin with nutrients during tanning to help enhance and extend your tanning results.

Apply an indoor tanning moisturizer after your tanning session. A good indoor moisturizer will help keep your beautiful tan by preventing dry skin which exfoliates faster, causing your tan to fade quicker.

Always use eye protection. Failure to use proper eyewear may cause long term injury to your eyes.

Wait at least two hours to shower after a tanning session.

Increase your exposure time by 2 to 3 minute increments. The key is moderation. Never burn!